Well, We Shall See!!!!

One more chance, don’t let me down big dog. There might need to be a metting of the minds. Respect and loyalty, now more than ever. Going to be an interesting next few days. Chilled and rollen.

Snakes in the Grass

Stand back

watch your step

You never know

What’s next

Watch out

Keep your gaurd

You never know

When they will

Strike their venom in


That’s what they


When they come

They never know

Always wanting

The final blow

Snake’s in the grass

Wanting to attack

Always watching

What you been doing

Jealous induced

Causing misery

To everything

That comes

To play

With them

Free, Free, Free

Now here we go, it’s been brought to my attention. Why would you do that to people who have been helping you, tell the truth now, I try to tell them, give them intelligectual I site. Make them aware of things. It’s to hard, can’t be done……

The Time Has Come

Hello, my name is Richard Owen Cooper and I have waited for six years now to get this chance. Wait, wait, I have been sorting through massive amounts of bullshit and politics to get this chance.