Love Above All

Wow, people are really wonderful are they not. I really do feel sorry for yall. This man has been standing against the wall for how long? Has anybody seen him, hello, hello, Hello.

Well, no wonder I am Bald

So, we are sitting in the hopptie at a Walmart parking lot no doubt, and the last card I hold has gone missing. It pains the heart to see such a thing, and my patience is incrediable. I dare anyone to even try to walk a mile in my shoes.

Inside The Brain of Music

Going to dedicate one day a week to a music blog post. I know for myself music is a therapy. I find my life coinsides with the lyrics in many songs. I just love the way an artist poars their heart into what they preform. I will tell you how each song makes me feel, and in turn you tell me how you can relate.


Really, Really! They ask me if I am high I say really really! Hahahaha, I knew it all along, music is just a part of me, in my blood, that and driving fast cars!!!!

And Another One

I apologize but had to write another one. This is just to much fun not to, LOL. You know, metting someone that does what he tells me. Oh and is not selfish and, wow, just unreal. One more thing however, I have got to get a job!!!!


I am just a loser, drug’s, money, and hot chick’s……. That’s what society labels me. Well I have got bad news, I am on a whole other level. Its hard to fly like an eagle around a bunch of turkey’s……

Rough Patch

As I sit here in my beat down 1995 Mercury thinking about current events I start to plot my next come back. No matter how many times I get slapped down I always rise again!!!!!